If you can’t find any decent nightlife in Ohrid during the summer then you might want to try pinching yourself because it’s possible you fell asleep in the hotel when you were getting ready to go out. The town centre is so small all you really need to do is follow your eyes and ears until you find something you like. In the meantime, here are a few places to get you started. For those who like a flutter, most casinos in town can be found in the area around the Ali Pasha Mosque and in the streets immediately to the south.

Potpesh Beach

Now featuring a long wooden walkway over the water to reach it from the centre of town that we don’t recommend using if you’ve already had a few, Potpesh rightly claims the best position in Ohrid, set as it is on the beach in a quiet cove under the cliffs and right on the edge of the water. Essentially a restaurant, Potpesh works best as a bar to spend quality time at during the lazy summer evenings. A really magical place.

Cuba Libre Beach & Bar

This infamous Ohrid night spot maintains a nightclub all year round at Naum Ohridski 10a, whilst the summer season sees the opening of their hedonistic lakeside club in which a small beach just south of the centre is converted into a place of cocktails, snacks, good-looking people and very loud music. Policed by serious bouncers who exercise a certain amount of face control, Friday and Saturday nights feature DJs and live music until the very early hours of the morning.


We found ourselves looking for a defibrylator on first entering Liquid, a boisterous affair that also serves as a bar and that gives the impression of being a practice space for the world smoking championships, a purely made-up event that the kids who hang out here would almost certainly win should such a thing exist. A great place to meet young locals, and thankfully possessing an al fresco terrace next to the water, find it along the dark alley that leads to the Church of St. Sophia.

The Duck Café

Run by a local music enthusiast and situated inside a gorgeous old building right next to the lake, the fabulous Duck Café’s neon sign proclaims Jazz & Blues which is slightly misleading as almost all of the live music played here is rock. The drinks are a bit pricey and the music is very much hit and miss, but if you turn up on a good night it’s well worth sticking around. The staff speak good English, so we recommend you drop by early to find out what evening events are planned for the next few days.

Terazza Aquarius

The name says it all here, as the titular terrace is actually more of a pier as it sits on pylons over the splashing waves of the lake. Open for nearly three decades, Terazza is one of the most popular places in town throughout the year, often turning into a rollicking nightspot in the evenings with frequent live concerts packing the house.


A whopping great lounge overlooking the lake, this lively and at times chaotic venue features staff running around trying to keep the punters happy, who during our last visit were a predominantly young crowd having a good time and drinking vast amounts of wine like it was going out of fashion. It can get quite loud in here during the evenings, but the terrace overhanging the water more than makes up for the mayhem if you’re lucky enough to find a free a table by the water. Their limited menu, which includes great pizza, also makes Noa worthy of visit when you’re hungry.

Irish Pub Dublin

Despite Dublin being the best Irish pub in Ohrid, it’s not exactly a memorable one, although unlike the Irish pub around the corner they do at least serve Guinness on tap. If you’re used to Irish pubs being popular with expats and their local colleagues, Dublin will come as a bit of a surprise as it tends to attract a youngish and somewhat nondescript local crowd most evenings. If you find yourself having a serious session in here, the huge plates of hot snacks are well worth forking out for.

Jazz Inn

If you're up for a fun night out with good music and cheap drinks, Jazz Inn is just the place. The music is, of course, jazz, the atmosphere is friendly and the staff are nice. The place hold the distinction of being the oldest jazz bar in all of Macedonia, and it's a favourite of both the locals and the tourists.